Market Analysis of Top Ten Colored Gemstones in 2022 (Ruby)
Market Analysis of Top Ten Colored Gemstones in 2022 (Ruby): The Investment Market is Rising Fiercely - Ruby
In recent years, the investment value of diamonds has gradually emerged as a new type of investment. Since 2011, international diamond quotations have been continuously raised multiple times, with a cumulative increase of over 45%. Such high-density price increases and increases have created a new high in the diamond market in nearly 10 years, and market participants have continuously warned of risks. So besides diamonds, are there any valuable depressions in gemstones? Ruby is one of the best.
Ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald and chrysoberyl are known as the "five gems" in the world. Due to its highest popularity and significant price increase in the past two years, diamonds have become a popular investment among many domestic investors. But in fact, the price of ruby has risen more than that of diamonds, but most ordinary investors are not aware of this. According to statistics, since 2008, the overall increase in diamond prices has been around 30% to 50%, while high-quality rubies have been at least 70% to 100%. Among them, the 1 carat ruby has increased by about 20 times within 5 years. According to relevant data from the China Jewelry and Jade Industry Association, some high-quality rubies even tripled in 2012.